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Key Features

Open source - SynthEd is OSI certified so that users are empowered and can never be orphaned by mergers, acquisitions, or business decisions.

Cross-platform - users will be able to use their favorite platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, and others) and preserve their investment when changing platforms.

Standards - leverage open standards such as XML instead of using cryptic and proprietary file formats and languages.

Extensible - users with little to no programming experience can customize screens and functionality and add support for new synthesizers and other MIDI devices using XML and Python.

High performance - critical functions such as graphics and MIDI will be  implemented using native C and C++ libraries to ensure high performance while minimizing system resource utilization.


Open Source
What is XML?
Intro to Python

Official Mailing Lists:
synthed-users@lists.sourceforge.net for all users or interested people (future users?)
synthed-developers@lists.sourceforge.net for all developers (please see the Developers page).


Current Status

SynthEd is inactive and is archived here for anyone who may be interested in MIDI sythesizer programming.
No official downloads are ready for now, sorry.
For any question, feel free to send us an e-mail.


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